Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

The nature of site is purely informative and in no way medical / therapeutic or even guiding.

Provides basic and general information on products and services, concerning the average consumer, always expressing the personal opinion of its authors.

No attempt to sell is made (as no product marketing takes place), but to express a view of these products in the most clear and thorough way possible.  

Worth mentioning, however, that this opinion is a personal opinion expressed by not really binding any of its readers.   

Our goal is to provide the person with the best and most comprehensive information on everything related to the specific subject posted in

It is a task, requiring care, diligence and attention on our part, to keep the information provided clear, updated and accurate.

For better and more secure results, a specific policy is followed, allowing us to provide the reader with all necessary information for his / her research on a particular topic / product.

This policy includes:

• A wide range of subject / product information

• User selection options

• positive & negative data (as evidenced by user testimonies)

• general theme / product features

• price

• side effects & health effects

• helpful expert advice

• detailed product composition (if any)

• information on manufacturing company (if any)

•evaluation of manufacturing company  

• guarantees (if any)

• certifications & specifications complying with law (if any)

• Shopping Guide

• Product Lists with Top Buyer Choice

• Options / suggestions recommended by the site

• user reviews