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Kaixuan Liu's picture

Don’t let golf-related back injuries keep you from hitting the links

Kaixuan Liu MD, PhD
Leader in Endoscopic Spinal Surgery
Mark Galland's picture

Staying safe on the ski slopes: How to prevent injury

Dr. Mark Galland
Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mary Dettrich and Lisa McDermott's picture

Choose the right clothing for cycling and enjoy a comfortable ride

Mary Dettrich & Lisa McDermott
James Winger's picture

Proper hydration for runners and endurance athletes

James Winger, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Robert Gillanders's picture

Muscle strengthening and stretching can prevent running injuries

Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT, OCS
Spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association
Robert Gillanders's picture

What every runner must know about returning to running after injury

Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT, OCS
Spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association
Arnaud Claude's picture

Dressing warmly while skiing will ensure an enjoyable experience

Arnaud Claude
General Manager Sales & Marketing
Matthew Sheeks's picture

Advice on how to improve your triathlon time in your next race

Matthew Sheeks
Professional Triathlete and Coach


"Many of us work to live and for many of us living means our recreation time. In fact, we’re recreating more now than ever whether it’s a ski weekend with friends, bird watching with our spouse, or a solo hike in a state park. The list of recreation activities grows every year thanks to our imaginations. Who would have thought that using an urban landscape—buildings, stairs, walls, and other objects—as an obstacle course would become a recreational sport—parkour. But before we jump into the deep end of any activity, we often need to test the waters. ExpertBeacon’s recreational experts provide sound advice whether it’s a backpacking trip, running an ultramarathon, or even flying a plane.