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Quick and easy marketing strategies for a small business

Quick and easy marketing strategies for a small business

Marketing a business has undoubtedly changed and evolved over the last 20 years. The way companies approach marketing is significantly impacted by new communication channels, print and data technologies, and consumer trends. Small businesses might be overwhelmed by the multitude of channels available including ecampaigns, website development, social media, media relations and data analytics. The tips below will help navigate through some basics of finding the right mix of marketing strategy that will add value and produce results.


Do know your audience

It is important to know both your audience and competition. Always understand who you are communicating to and what value your product or service can do for them. Pay attention to your Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, create online polling through Survey Monkey and implement any feedback that you receive. Also, keep your eye on your competition to figure out how you can stand out on all marketing aspects.

Do integrate multiple marketing channels

Whoever your targets are or however measurements are being made, multiple points of contact are always better than one. While consumers may not interact with all your channels, they are likely to interact with you in at least one of them. In other words, people don’t see offline or online – they just see touch points. So, it’s important to touch them in a variety of ways.

Do create customer experiences

It is important to deliver consistent and positive customer experiences that strengthen the engagement with customers and promote brand loyalty. Marketing support through seminars, webinars, networking events and interactive digital tactics will keep your company top of mind and provide interesting and engaging ways to add value to customers.

Do think outside of the box

Look at your business from a different perspective and start thinking outside of the box. Learn to recognize some unconventional marketing strategies that your competitors are overlooking. Paid advertising is great and can make great sense when budget and resources allow, however, there are other tactics like sponsorships, participation in professional groups, and awards or charities that potentially offer a much longer, more meaningful opportunity for building client relationships.

Do try new things

It can be daunting to try unfamiliar marketing tactics and not really know what to expect. But, as they say, without pain there is no gain. When it comes to deciding what marketing channels are a good fit for your business objectives, ask yourself, “Does this tactic reach my target audience with a relevant message at a budget that is realistic?” Tactics that can support those basic criteria are likely worth trying.


Do not start without a plan

Social media, blog posts and content developed without a clear strategy in place will generate fewer leads and the leads that you do get will often be unqualified. Create clear strategies and goals for every marketing campaign so you are able to track what is or is not working.

Do not set unrealistic expectations

Pay attention to how well your marketing tools are working for you. Small businesses do not have the time or money to invest in something that no longer works. Also, make sure that the content you offer on your website, social media, advertising or blogs is not stale. Refreshing offers or information in your content provides reason for both prospects and search engines to revisit your site.

Do not sacrifice content or design

Great content is worthless when displayed in an unprofessional, boring or sloppy design. At the same time, an eye-catching piece filled with useless, dull copy can turn customers off as well. There are great, affordable options out there for small businesses when it comes to design. Helping your messages stand out is crucial to successful marketing, and you don’t have to have a full in-house marketing team to achieve success.

Do not neglect customer relationships

You could spend thousands on marketing your business, but without maintenance of customer or client relationships it will be an act in futility. Nurture customer relationships and leads that were garnered through marketing strategies. A hot business lead quickly goes cold with no ongoing communication or actionable follow up from sales.

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No small business can possibly keep up with the bevy of trends in marketing today. While the number of ways to reach clients and consumers grows each day, so does the overwhelming number of messages bombarding those audiences. Take advantage of the reinvention of print and marketing materials by maximizing the exchange of expertise in strategic partnerships and producing integrated marketing campaigns that are right for your customers and your unique business objectives.

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