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Practicing yoga to improve your skin health

Practicing yoga to improve your skin health

Good skin - everyone wants it. You can improve your skin naturally with yoga poses and look younger today. Yoga and meditation reduces stress, which helps to prevent future breakouts, and will get your blood flowing and help you sweat out clogged pores. Here is some advice on how it can help. 


Do practice yoga with no make up or lotion on your face

It’s important that your skin can breath and sweat can flow. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before your practice yoga. Especially if you use makeup or lotion during the day, cleaning your face before you exercise will help unclog pores.

Do periodically dry brush your skin or do a body scrub before practice

Dry brushing is an ayurvedic yoga practice that will help your skin regenerate and look fresh. Removing dead skin with either store or homemade body scrubs reveals fresh vibrant skin. When choosing a dry brush, select one that is natural and not synthetic, and preferably one that is vegetable-derived. A good brush will be gentle on your skin. 

Do practice inversions

Practice inversions daily to improve skin quality. Inversions include forward folds, plow, shoulder stand and head stands. Inversions make you look fresh, and create extra blood flow to the face, brain, and scalp. The skin gets more nourishment as the blood circulates more often, and also gets dead cells and other impurities taken away more often.

Do remember that yoga helps to manage your stress as well

Stress creates more skin problems, so taking the time to meditate and reconnect with your body can help soothe tired skin. Breakouts, rashes, and red skin are all signs of a stress riddled mind that is taking a physical toll on your body. Even a few minutes a day to clear your mind will do worlds of good.


Do not wear makeup while exercising

Yoga will get you sweating, and if your pores are blocked by makeup or non-comedogenic lotion it will result in blemishes. Cleaning and scrubbing your face before you exercise will kill two birds with one stone - by helping your pores to breathe when you workout and by cleaning and exfoliating your skin.  

Do not use excess amounts of lotion on dry skin thinking it will heal your skin

Lotion is good to hydrate skin, but remember that you need to regularly scrub your skin to really improve its quality, removing dead skin cells and revealing the vibrant skin underneath. If you have a severe dry skin problem, you should consult with a dermatologist for recommend techniques and products that will hydrate your skin without over lotioning. 

Do not be afraid of sweat

Some people think sweat will create skin problems when it's just the opposite. Sweat can dispel toxins in your skin. However, you should remember to shower promptly after exercise to remove released dirt from your pores. 

Do not let stress get the better of you

A quiet mind is the best for the healthiest skin. Stress is a clear and obvious part of all of our lives, but remembering to take a step back to gain perspective on each trigger can help to calm troubled skin. Again, meditation and practicing yoga will help alleviate the stress in your life, and practicing on a daily basis is important to do so. This will also help to prevent future breakouts. 

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Remember that the key to better skin is as close as your next Namaste. Yoga gets your heart pumping and blood flowing to help you sweat through your bad skin problems. Another key factor to bad skin is stress. Regularly participating in yoga either at home or through classes will help you manage your stress to reduce breakouts and heat rashes that commonly come from overworked and mentally tired bodies. Use yoga to improve your overall health.Your skin will come through as the glow of a calm mind and physically active body.

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