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How to beat depression naturally

Dr. Dain Heer Author, Speaker, and Energy Transformation Virtuoso Access Consciousness
How to beat depression naturally

Have you tried everything you can imagine to beat depression? Medication, exercise, therapy, self-help books, standing on one leg and hopping in a circle with your eyes closed, laughter yoga… you get the point. If you’ve tried everything, and it’s not changing, is it possible that it may be time to try something totally different? If you’re willing to try something different and do a little bit of work, you’ll discover you have the power to change anything, including depression. Depressed people are often highly aware and sensitive, and pick up the thoughts and feelings of everyone around them within a 100 mile radius. If you’re one of these people who are aware of the judgments, thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone around you, do you think it could make you a little depressed?

Here are some simple tools for changing depression. No drugs required. How does it get any easier than this? One other thing: Just because these tools are simple doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. Give them a test drive and see for yourself.


Do ask yourself, “Who does this belong to?” for 3 days

This is how it works; you are like a big psychic radio receiver picking up the thoughts feelings and emotions of everyone around you. 98% of everything that goes on in your head isn’t actually yours, so you want to ask, “Who does this belong to?” The simple answer is: It doesn’t matter. For three days ask yourself this question to every judgment, thought, feeling, emotion, and sense of depression you think you have. If the judgment, thought, feeling, or emotion lightens up or lessens in its intensity or heaviness when you ask, it’s because it wasn’t yours in the first place. Just return it to sender. You don’t even have to know who the sender is. You’re just picking them up and thinking they are yours. If you’ll do this for three days, at the end of three days, you’ll walk around like a walking, talking meditation.

Do move your body

Your body is meant to move! That’s one of the reasons you have it. It loves to be mobile. It loves to run, jump, swim, play, walk, rock-climb, have sex, roller-blade and be enjoyed for the gift of movement it can be. Our sedentary lifestyles where we go from the box of our home, travel in a box with wheels, to sit all day in a dimly-lit box while working all day, only to travel in our box with wheels back home to repeat it again tomorrow is really, really, really stressful on our bodies and actually quite unkind to them.

Moving your body creates blood flow, gets the lymph flowing, so you don’t feel sludgy, it releases endorphins, and generally makes you feel better, even if it’s just quick walk around the block.

So, ask your body: “Body, what movement would you like to do today?” And go do it! You don’t have to do it perfectly, or like a world class athlete. Make it easy. Do it for fun! For your body! Just do it.

Moving your body just 3-4 days a week for at least ten minutes can create amazing changes—and it’s easy and fun.

Do create your life

Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, just asking questions can get you started. “If I were truly creating my life today, what would I choose right away?” Then follow the energy. Whatever random idea comes, whoever invites you somewhere, wherever you feel drawn to go... do it! Without having to have a reason, without knowing why. Just because you can! When you start to create your life, you’ll have more of you. More of you is more of the power and potency of you. And that changes depression. You can’t be depressed and in your potency at the same time!

Do ask a question

Once again, it’s a really simple tool, but it can create amazing shifts - if you do it.

  • Ask yourself these questions everyday:
  • What can I be or do different today to move beyond this depression?
  • How does it get any better than this?
  • Universe, will you please show me something beautiful today?
  • What else is possible here that I’ve never consider?

A question always empowers. An answer always disempowers. One of the problems with depression and unhappiness is that we don’t see any different possibility. When you ask a question, even such a simple one as, “How does it get any better than this?” you open other doorways of possibility that didn’t seem to exist before. “How does it get any better than this?” can change any bad situation into something better. “How does it get any better than this?” can also change any good situation into an even better situation. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you!


Do not judge you or your body

We are conditioned to look for the wrongness of us. People judge us for not being happy. They judge us for being too happy. When you notice you judging yourself, just see a hand, or a stop sign in front of your face, and stop. Break the cycle. And then ask, “What’s right about me that I’m not getting?” What if there were truly nothing wrong with you, and what if you never had to try to prove you were right ever again? When you have gratitude for you, you can’t be in judgment of you!

Do not hang out with unhappy people

Have you ever thought about how the people you’re around can influence your mood? What happens to you when you hang around someone who’s depressed? Do you get more depressed or happier? More depressed, right? You know why? Because you are picking up on that pervasive energy of depression and if you don’t acknowledge that it’s not yours, you end up thinking you are depressed. Strange, eh?

So, if you want to be happy, spend more time around happy people. Spend more time around people who don’t judge you. Spend more time around people who see you as valuable and who truly get the gift that you are. It may take you some time to create these types of relationships with people in your life, but if you do, you will be richly rewarded with people around whom it’s ok to be happy.

Do not assume your situation is impossible

If you see your situation as unchangeable, unsolvable or impossible, you go to a space of ‘I have nowhere to go.’ When we make decisions and conclusions like this we can only create our life according to those ideas. What if you would ask questions that could create change instead? “What is this? What do I do with it? Can it be changed? How do I change it?” You don’t need to come up with the answers. Just asking the questions opens more doors than you had open before! What if you would ask these questions just for fun?

Do not feel ashamed or guilty about being abused

Many depressed people were abused physically, mentally or emotionally. We figure abuse wouldn’t happen to a good person and so by default, we decide we must be ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ to create this and then we perpetuate the belief into the future by making it a justification for why we can’t choose or create. What if you see yourself from a different perspective: “I have been confronted with the worst of this reality and I’m still here and I’m still searching for something greater.” What if this could give you an awareness of the strength, the courage, and the capacities you have that you haven’t been willing to acknowledge? Many abused people become the kindest and most caring people in the world as their way of going beyond the abuse. You are different. You are greater than anything that has been a part of your life. You are a gift to this world.

Do not take on other people’s energy

If you are empathic or highly aware of energies you are intensely aware of everything that is going on for everyone around you for about 8,000 miles in all directions! So the first thing to do is acknowledge everywhere you are aware of other people’s stuff. Ask, “If I was being me, who, what, where, when, why and how would I be?” What if you could be the resonance frequency of you? How? Just ask! When you ask, the universe delivers. You don’t need to work it out. And keep asking yourself, “What resonance can I be that would allow me to be the me I truly be?”

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Whatever your life has been like up until this point, please know it can change. These are simple tools that have worked for thousands of people to change the depression and anxiety they thought would never end. You are amazing. You are a gift to the world. And you have choice. When you acknowledge that, you’ll start to shine the light that is you into the world.

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