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Eric Bernstein's picture

Sick and tired of your tattoo? Advice for getting it removed

Eric F. Bernstein, M.D., MSE
Director of Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Centers
Rafael Torres's picture

Help your loved one with heart attack symptoms when EMS is on its way

Rafael E. Torres, MD
Director, Department of Emergency Medicine
Tony Bevacqua's picture

How to rethink the language of addiction

Tony Bevacqua
Educator and coach
John Martin's picture

Effective treatments for sagging skin

John J. Martin Jr.
John J. Martin Jr., M.D.
Bonnie Friedman's picture

What to do before you leave the hospital

Bonnie Friedman
Professional Communicator
Hillary Goldsher's picture

Help for help: Finding the right therapist for you

Dr. Hillary Goldsher
Clinical Psychologist
Nancy Troyano's picture

How to keep mosquitoes and ticks away while enjoying your yard this summer

Nancy Troyano, PhD, BCE
Training manager / Entomologist

Health and Wellness

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is difficult without the right help. Begin with ExpertBeacon for questions about your overall well-being. Here, we provide accessible and expert advice from doctors and professionals in healthcare and medicine that range from serious health matters to making yourself feel better through cosmetic and beauty information. You will find a variety of advice, ranging across a broad spectrum of the medical field, including how to maintain mental health, where to seek preventive healthcare insurance, or what certain fitness regimens will work for you. Our experts agree that to foster a healthy lifestyle and atmosphere in a family, it all starts with maintaining a healthy eating and exercising habits, as well a positive outlook on life.