Find the motivation you need right now to workout and lose weight

Find the motivation you need right now to workout and lose weight

Do you want to exercise and lose weight but struggle to find the motivation to actually get out there and do it? If so then you’re not alone, motivation is one of the biggest roadblocks for getting started and sticking with a weight loss and exercise plan. And it is something that we all struggle with from time to time, especially at the beginning. But, with the proper knowledge and the right mindset, you can kick your motivation up a notch so that you actually look forward to going to the gym. Read on to learn some helpful advice on finding the motivation to workout and lose weight.


Do have a source of inspiration

Once you have decided to lose weight and workout, you’ll need a little inspiration to get you going. Exercise magazines and Pinterest are great places to start - they’ll give you a ton of ideas and are full of motivating images and quotes. Another way to bump up your motivation is to read success stories - these are real-life accounts of people who have been where you are now (or even worse off), the changes they made, how they stuck with it, and the difference their weight loss and new healthy habits have made in their life.

Do use a motto or affirmations

Find a saying that works for you, reminds you of why you want to exercise and lose weight, and makes you feel good. Repeat this saying to yourself every time you are feeling down or struggling to get motivated. For example, as you prepare to hit the gym, you may repeat to yourself “Sweat is the tears of dying fat cells” or “Each day I am making healthier choices as I move closer to my goals”

Do focus on what feels good

Many people avoid exercise because they think it will be painful or at least uncomfortable. Instead try focusing on the positive feelings in your body, like the cool, fresh air coming into your lungs as you go for a walk or run, or the feeling of being alive that you get from feeling the blood coursing through your veins once you get moving. Or, you may even want to focus on how good you’ll feel after you’ve worked out and the sense of accomplishment you’ll have then. Keep the focus positive and remind yourself of these good feelings when planning your workout and you’ll find that, in time, you’ll even begin to look forward to exercise.

Do plan something fun

Try a fun run, race, or charity walk. Sign up in advance and allow plenty of time to prepare. Having something to train for can certainly get you motivated, especially if it is a fun event. For example, Disney hosts races at their parks every year, several different charities hold ‘underwear runs’, there are even walks where you dress up in costumes. Collecting pledges for your event increases the commitment even further - you’ll be even more motivated to train because you won’t want to let down the people who have contributed in your name.

Do celebrate successes

Keep a ‘wellness success journal’ and write at least 1 thing per day that you can celebrate. It may be as simple as going to the gym for the third time this week, or adding an extra 5 minutes on the elliptical that day. Keeping track of these successes in a journal will help you start to make these new healthy behaviors a habit. Keeping focused on the successes rather than failures will keep your motivation high so that you can build upon your successes day after day.


Do not compare yourself to anyone else

We are all unique individuals and that’s what makes us interesting! Your journey is different than anyone elses’, so don’t compare yourself to them. We all have different body types, different genetics, etc. What worked for one of your friends to lose weight may not work for you (just like what works for you may not work for them). And, certainly don’t compare yourself to the models in magazines - these bodies are covered in makeup and the images are retouched to smooth any imperfections and enhance them even further.

Do not set unrealistic expectations

Lasting changes take time. In the weight loss and exercise realm, slow and steady win the race. It will take several weeks of consistent effort in the gym and with your diet to begin to notice changes on the scale and it will take even longer to notice changes in the appearance of your body. Don’t get frustrated if nothing seems to be happening, just keep with your healthy behaviors and trust that the change will come.

Do not engage in negative self-talk

Nothing drains your motivation faster than negative self-talk. No matter what the voices in your head are saying, as soon as you become aware of the internal chatter turning negative, stop the dialogue and repeat your motto or affirmation (see above) to switch into a positive mindset.

Do not choose a plan that isn’t a good fit for you

Choosing a plan that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, preferences, or energy fluctuations will be much harder to stick with than one that does. For example, if you are always tired after work then you will have a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym on the way home - maybe you’d be better off exercising in the morning. Hate running? Then why not try an interval walking routine or an aerobics class instead. When you plan exercise that you enjoy at a time when your energy levels are high then you will be so much more motivated to get to the gym.

Do not try to do it all at once

You may have heard this one before, but I want to repeat it because it is so true: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same goes for weight loss and exercise: How do you lose weight and get more fit? One pound and one exercise session at a time. Lasting change doesn’t come from a drastic overhaul of your lifestyle; it comes from repeatedly making small changes that you can stick with.

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Can you imagine how much easier this will make things? Once you stop comparing yourself to others and honor the uniqueness of your body, once you set realistic expectations and trust that change will come, once you switch into a positive mindset and work with your preferences and energy levels, there will be nothing holding you back. And, when you find inspiration and a motto that you like, when you focus on what feels good and plan something fun, then you will have successes to celebrate day after day, year after year. It all starts with one step at a time, one small change after another. Ready? Go. You can do this!

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