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Contact me for: Inspiration, motivation, and education on the raw vegan lifestyle through mobile applications, youtube videos, and social medias.

Rawvana was born on instagram and my blog where I began to share a little more about my new lifestyle, I found that I was very passionate to be able to inspire, motivate and educate others on a healthier lifestyle. This new way of eating interested me so much that I decided to study more on the subject. I attended Living Light Institute and received a Certificate in Science of Raw Food Nutrition in Fort Bragg, CA. Presently I am enrolled in Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach in Holistic Healing and the second is the Certified Lifestyle Coaching Program with Dr. Douglas Graham, author of 80/10/10 Diet, the one I follow, and I have also interned with him in Washington and Costa Rica.

Through my social medias and YouTube channel I'm sharing my knowledge in English and Spanish. This is a moment of learning for me and at the same time I wish to inspire and help you.

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