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Contact me for: Life coaching for family caregivers, people dealing with medical issues and people anticipating or managing one of life’s transitions (post caregiving, career transitions, retirement, relationships ending or beginning). As a life coach, I help people to “bring their song forth” i.e. to live their lives with purpose, passion and possibility - even when they are in the midst of a crisis or facing daunting challenges. Coaching sessions are usually done via video on Google +, Facetime or Skype. Depending on the client’s preferences, coaching techniques may go beyond talking to include moving/dancing, drawing pictures, singing, laughing, guided visualization, meditation, etc.

Yosaif August is an award-winning caregiver advocate, healthcare innovator, life coach, keynote presenter, and author of Coaching for Caregivers: How To Reach Out Before You Burn Out. In Coaching for Caregivers he presents some of the lessons he learned while facing such a challenge, caregiving for his aging parents. He learned that when you are taking care of someone you love you also need to show some love for yourself. His prescription for doing this is: reach out and let the love flow. His prior book, Help Me to Heal (Hay House ‘03), with Dr. Bernie Siegel, helps empower patients and families to have better experiences when they are in the hospital. He has also been an advocate for hospitals and nursing facilities to improve their environments of care. As a tangible means of demonstrating how these environments can be improved, he invented the award-winning Bedscapes® healing system for hospital bedside environments and collaborated with Johns Hopkins and other premier hospitals on outcomes research that demonstrated the positive impacts of using his system. He has spoken to audiences throughout the United States about the importance of improving the experiences of patients, families and family caregivers. His Coaching for Caregivers blog can be seen at http://www.yestolifecoaching.com/caregivers. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife, Tsurah, a rabbi and hospice chaplain.

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Caring for Aging Parents

Managing the stress often associated with family caregiving
Reaching out for love and support can be a sure-fire way of sustaining yourself as a caregiver and the well-being of your loved one. When done mindfully, respecting your own needs and preferences, as ...

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