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Contact me for: Treating physical and mental ailments and restoring health with eastern and western medicine.

Dr. Tong came to the US from China in 1962. After attending Caltech and the USC School of Medicine, he specialized in Anesthesia. He then studied Chinese medicine and innovated a therapy he calls Neuro-BioEnergetics by enhancing acupuncture with anesthetic nerve blocks. This method produces dramatic results in curing physical and mental ailments. Over 90% of his patients experienced instant relief with his first treatment despite years of failure with other therapies. He has presented his findings in two medical meetings in 1994 and 1996, has been hosting a weekly radio show using patient cases to illustrate his results since 2000, and became an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Western University in Pomona, CA in 2007. Visit for thousands of testimonies proving that various ailments considered incurable by Orthodox medicine can indeed be cured.

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You can eliminate the common cold and flu by treating their symptoms and causes with NBE therapy and balancing the body’s Qi. Contact an experienced acupuncturist or practitioner to help you prevent...

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