Dr. Wanda Gravett

  • Faculty, Master’s in Human Resource Management program
  • Walden University
  • Seattle, Washington   
  • Website

Dr. Wanda Gravett is a faculty member in Walden University’s Masters in Human Resource Management program in the College of Management and Technology. In addition to completing doctoral studies in this discipline, Dr. Gravett’s background includes experience in executive positions in the field and practice of HR as well as in key organizational leadership positions, where she has led shifts in operating paradigms and culture. She has also created performance review programs for corporations and systems.

Expert Articles by Dr. Wanda Gravett

Managing Your Career as an Employee

Make the most of a performance evaluation to help you succeed at work
It’s easy for most of us to acknowledge the value of an effective performance evaluation, both as part of an assessment of an individual’s accomplishments and value to the organization, and also a...

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