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Contact me for: State-of-the-art, personalized orthodontic treatment with the Damon System of low friction/ low force braces.

In addition to the private practice of orthodontics, Dr. Barron has served on staff at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center of Washington, D.C. and the Craniofacial Team at GBMC Hospital, rehabilitating patients with cleft lip and palate. Dr. Barron has been at the forefront of recent technological advancements in orthodontics and is a leader in the new low friction/low force orthodontic treatment technique known as Damon™ System

Dr. Barron is also a member of the Dean’s Faculty at the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in the Department of Orthodontics.

Along with private practice and teaching, Dr. Barron’s professional experience includes writing articles on clinical techniques and practice management for national and international orthodontic and dental publications.

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