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Contact me for: Superior quality products with the latest cosmetic color trends, rich color palettes, step-by-step application tips, amd results-oriented professional grade skin care. Skin Care 365 is formulated to cleanse, protect, nourish and renew skin year-round.

Founder and CEO of FLUHME, Tiffany Fluhme has been enamored with color cosmetics since childhood, and vividly recalls those first makeup lessons with her mother. Working as a model, she witnessed many stories you can create with makeup application techniques – from the fun, playful moods created by vibrant colors to the uptown drama of deep, bold shades. The metamorphosis that occurs in women when they wear makeup – their glow of inner beauty and confidence – is very inspiring. Combining that inspiration with her love of color and her passion for helping others, she started Fluhme to enhance the appearance, self-esteem and lifestyle of others.

Tiffany lives and breathes all things beautiful. Inspired by her expertise in Cosmetic Medicine with a desire for a makeup and skincare line that would be affordable, and enhance the self-esteem and lifestyle of women, FLUHME, a premier cosmetics company was born. Platformed by academic training in Cosmetic Medicine and expertise working as a Physician Assistant in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, her passion and knowledge was a natural fit for the beauty and cosmetic field. Tiffany Fluhme is committed to touching the lives of women across the world, helping them to create their own unique and beautiful life.

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