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Contact me for: Strategic promotions that build consumer insights for your brand by engaging customers across web, social and mobile—combining the data revealed during the promotion (demographic, behavioral and social) and the consumer’s path through your site after the promotion—helping you build rich individual profiles in the database, and broad learnings through an interactive dashboard that graphically represents the drivers of marketing programs and segmentation.

With a passion for marketing strategy, Tara brings over twelve years of interactive marketing experience to Realtime Media, overseeing analytics, digital strategy and account planning. In short, she gets the word out, and the word that matters is “results.” Tara maintains a relentless focus on measuring against the bottom line. Her integrated solutions and innovative technologies hit the mark for Rue La La, Toys R Us, SC Johnson, Lindblad Expeditions, Behr, Genentech, Meijer, The Goddard School, Hollister, and AT&T. She leads the development of Rev, a proprietary analytics platform at Realtime Media. Tara recently contributed to Cisco’s conference on Social Media for Savvy Marketers in the area of measurement technologies. She received her MBA from Arizona State University and is an adjunct professor of marketing at West Chester University.

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