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  • Master Practitioner/Trainer of Energy EFT and Emo-Trance
  • Maple Ridge, BC   
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Contact me for: • Coaching to help improve your immune system • Private sessions in-person or online of Energy EFT and Emo-Trance • Training in Energy EFT and Emo-Trance.

Having been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1999 Susan spent the years researching about ways to improve the immune system to allow the body to recover from RA. After 2 1/2 years of suffering severe pain and physical limitations she was able to get off the toxic medication and return to an active, pain free life.

Nothing forces learning like pain. Susan learned that there are not answers to many of the challenges we face today, or, we are being fooled into being far too dependent on medication.

As Susan recovered and returned to an active life again she began sharing with others all of what she experienced through her website and began inspiring others to take control of their own health. Susan now coaches people and offers Energy EFT or Emo-Trance sessions through skype, email and over the phone.

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