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Contact me for: The DentalVibe Injection Comfort System—a device used by thousands of dentists all around the world for pain-free dental injections.

Steven G. Goldberg, DDS, FADFE, graduated from New York University’s College of Dentistry and has been in private practice for more than two decades. In that time, he went on to build a successful general and cosmetic dental practice in Boca Raton, Fla., and invented the new DentalVibe Injection Comfort System. Dr. Goldberg first recognized the challenges of the pain associated with dental injections during his years as a student at NYU. He developed the DentalVibe based on Dr’s Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall's "Gate Control Theory of Pain." This remarkable scientific device delivers a gentle pulsed vibration sensation at the area where an injection is being administered. Because vibration travels faster to the brain than the sensation of pain, a neurological gating mechanism is closed and the patient feels no pain.

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