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Contact me for: freelance writing assignments, radio interviews, workshop presentations, speaking engagements, Master Gardener class instruction in all areas of home fruit growing.

Stella Otto is the award winning author of The Backyard Orchardist: A complete guide to growing fruit trees in the home garden and The Backyard Berry Book: A hands-on guide to growing berries, brambles and vine fruit in the home garden.

Stella Otto has a B.S. in Hor­ti­cul­ture, with fruit pro­duc­tion spe­cial­iza­tion, from Michi­gan State Uni­ver­sity. She has worked in the commercial tree-fruit nursery industry as well as owned and managed a diversified orchard and farm market.

As an award-winning author, Stella Otto has appeared on the Discovery Channel, NPR radio and online media. She has written feature articles for numerous national magazines and taught classes educating gardeners and homeowners on creating and enjoying their own personal fruit gardens.

In addition to sharing hands-on fruit gardening advice in her two books, Otto provides timely tips on her blog, The BackYard Fruit Gardener at

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Growing a successful fruit garden requires planning and preparation
A well-planned fruit garden will enhance your home landscape and life. It will provide a beautiful, dual-purpose landscape for you to be proud of for years to come. Dig in and savor the “fruits of y...

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