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Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is President of Sherre Hirsch Inc. Since 2006, she has been sharing her intimate and friendly style with people in all kinds of “pulpits,” from The Today Show to a small Southern Baptist churches. She serves as the spiritual life consultant for Canyon Ranch Properties as a speaker, teacher and retreat facilitator for their constituency of 25,000 guests. She is also a frequent writer and contributor for magazines such and online websites, an inspirational speaker for corporations throughout the US, and has a devoted Twitter and Facebook following. Based in LA, she rounds out her time counseling individuals in her private practice and teaching private groups. Her first book, We Plan, God Laughs: What to Do When Life Hits You Over the Head (Doubleday), was published in April 2008. The book reflects a theme in Hirsch’s own life and she expertly guides readers through a spiritual and introspective journey toward reaching their divine potential. Her second book will be published by Random House in 2014. It explores the reasons and ways we handle threshold moments in our lives and how we can move forward in our lives by seeing them as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Sherre is the mother of four children and the wife of Dr. Jeffrey Hirsch.

Expert Articles by Sherre Hirsch

Children and Death

What parents need to know when talking to children about death
Talking to your children will not be easy, but if you are honest and thoughtful, it will be one of the most meaningful conversations you will have with your child. Children grieve and when we give the...

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