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Shelby Walton is an employee of HCC Medical Insurance Service, a provider of international travel medical insurance. In her role, she is responsible for creating content for a community of over 40,000 travelers on Facebook.

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First Aid for Travelers

Altitude sickness is not a trivial condition
Don't throw yourself overboard because you're seasick
Food poisoning overseas - when to get medical help
How to survive severe altitude sickness
Survive food poisoning in a foreign country
You can beat motion sickness
Bed bugs in your hotel room? Make sure you don't bring them home
You deserve a break: Have a stress-free vacation away from work


Make your DIY house or apartment move easier with this practical advice
The right moving company will save you time, money and headaches
When moving, shipping your car cross-country doesn't have to be hard
Choose a storage unit that fits your needs and your budget
Choose an auto shipping company that is trustworthy and reliable
Prepare your boat for shipping to ensure it isn't damaged when moving
Expert advice for shipping an antique or classic car
Expert care is required when shipping your motorcycle
Fundamentals for packing your belongings and home for moving
How to move large furniture into a small apartment or home
Plan and budget to minimize the cost of your move

General Travel

Stress-free airline travel with children
How to select a luxury resort
Air travel tips for a smooth trip
Advice for business travelers
Advice for larger air travellers
Choose the best hotel for the holiday vacation
How to survive the hectic holiday travel season
How to find the best travel deals using online sites
How to travel the world on a shoestring budget
Education travel abroad offers an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture
Make maximum use of your precious vacation time by planning carefully
Choose a green hotel when traveling and be environmentally conscious
Plan a getaway to Colorado’s wine country for a unique experience
Expert advice on preparing your car for the family summer road trip
How to prepare your home for overnight guests this holiday season
Plan a trip that avoids the travel nightmares
Advice on making the best of an unexpected travel delay and layover
Find some alone time during a family vacation to help reduce stress
Choose the right hotel room to ensure a great family vacation
Plan a multigenerational vacation with seniors who have special needs
How to keep your toddler occupied and happy on the airplane


How to survive Thailand's Full Moon Party
Spend a semester at sea and circumnavigate the world on a ship
Advice on hiking the Inca Trail in Peru
Careful planning will make your first trip to Italy exhilarating
Your first trip to France will be a joy with proper planning
Pick the perfect vacation destination for the holiday season
Plan a safe and exciting vacation to Mexico
Planning and experiencing an unforgettable honeymoon in Paris, France
Advice for making your Las Vegas luxury hotel vacation a reality
How to plan a memorable and inexpensive destination wedding
Travel like a local in Luxor, Egypt to enjoy this ancient city
Tour Bordeaux, France and indulge in the finest wines in the world
Visit Napa Valley and taste some of the finest wines in the world
Expert advice on taking a summer vacation in Telluride, CO
Expert advice on planning a beach getaway to Myrtle Beach, SC
Plan the perfect family getaway to Myrtle Beach
Plan an amazing and unforgettable vacation to Costa Rica
Traveling to Luxor, Egypt? Visit the Deir el-Shelwit temple
A wine tasting tour in Italy can be the vacation of a lifetime


How to handle cruise emergencies
Choosing an Antarctica cruise
Cruise etiquette 101
How to save big on cruise shore excursions
Would you enjoy a river cruise vacation?
How to make your next river cruise an even sweeter deal
How to enjoy your Disney cruise
Expert advice on luxury cruising
Professional advice that will assure a memorable first theme cruise
Start planning now so that you can relax and enjoy your first Caribbean cruise
Embrace the local culture for a truly memorable destination cruise
Plan an unforgettable and stress-free family cruise vacation

Disney Vacations

How to survive Disney World with young children
How to make an Aulani Disney Hawaii Resort exciting and memorable
Enjoy the most of your Disney Park vacation by avoiding long lines
Have a safe and magical Disney World vacation with your toddlers
Have a cost-effective fairy-tale wedding at Walt Disney World
How to have a magical Disney World experience with your partner
How to plan and have an amazing Disney World dining experience
Plan ahead to experience an unforgettable Disney World birthday
How to avoid the crowds on your Disney World spring break vacation
How to save money on your Disney World vacation
How to experience a fabulous Tokyo Disneyland vacation

Weekend Getaways

Enjoy a weekend summer getaway in Winter Park, Colorado
Visit Grand Lake, Colorado for a weekend getaway in summer or winter
Plan ahead to get the best deal on a weekend getaway
A weekend getaway to Lake Geneva, WI can offer year-round family fun
Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend getaway


Backpacking tips for your next adventure


Enjoy an authentic Italian adventure on a cycling tour of Tuscany
Choose the right clothing for cycling and enjoy a comfortable ride

Dude Ranch

Discover adventure and relaxation on a family dude ranch vacation
How to have a memorable Old West dude ranch experience

Outdoor Adventure

Plan a family outdoor adventure vacation for an amazing experience
Taking your kids fishing is a great way to spend time together
Go on a guided mountain climbing adventure for your next vacation
Have a safe and fun day trip with the kids on the family boat

Recreational Flying

Learning how to fly a plane for beginners
Advice for choosing a flight school or professional pilot program
Advice on how to become a hot-air balloon pilot

Recreational Vehicles and RVing

Save money, see more, and be more adventurous with RV boondocking
Buy an RV with confidence with this professional advice
Advice for hitting the road and going on an RV adventure


How to plan an unforgettable family sailing vacation


Plan an amazing family ski vacation with this expert advice
Planning your first ski trip will ensure an exciting, unique adventure
Dressing warmly while skiing will ensure an enjoyable experience
First time snowboarding and skiing advice to ensure an enjoyable time

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving advice for beginners
Coral Reefs: Precious Gems Worth Saving
Basic rules to avoid scuba diving's decompression sickness
A dive vacation is an opportunity to expand diving skills
Advice for first time snorkelers
Taking photographs while scuba diving in coral reefs
Open up new scuba diving opportunities with cold water diving
Scuba diving skills to increase confidence in the water
Discover an underwater world with the PADI Open Water Dive course


Plan the ultimate Hilton Head golf vacation for leisure and recreation
Expert advice on planning the dream golf vacation with the family
Playing golf has many health benefits and can help you stay in shape
Excel at golf by developing a strong mental game on and off the course
Plan a fun family vacation at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort
Expert advice on choosing a golf instructor to improve your game
Expert advice on choosing the right golf clubs for yourself
Spend time at the driving range to help improve your golf game
Help dealing with the mental stress of playing in a golf tournament


Advice for running ultramarathons
Boost core strength with yoga in your running program
Advice on how to prevent running injuries
Advice on nutrition fueling for the marathon to maximize energy
Running can heal your heart and strengthen your soul
Advice on how to improve your triathlon time in your next race
Proper hydration for runners and endurance athletes
What every runner must know about returning to running after injury
Muscle strengthening and stretching can prevent running injuries
Advice for first timers on training and preparing for a Marathon
Take your running to another level and hire a running coach

Summer Camps

Choose a summer camp that is the best fit for your child
Prepare your child for the best possible summer camp experience
Important factors to consider when choosing a summer music camp
Reduce homesickness and stop bullying at your child's overnight camp

Health Insurance

Manage your health savings account
Selecting disability income insurance
Why you need travel insurance for your trip
Purchasing travel medical insurance
Dealing with a family member's long-term care insurance
Considering a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
No longer covered by your parents’ health insurance?
Buy travel medical insurance for a safe study-abroad experience
Best pet insurance policy to protect your cat or dog and budget
Long term care insurance ensures you're covered for medical costs
Know how to navigate the Affordable Care Act to get the best coverage
Recent college grads should understand their health care options
Prepare for higher medical costs during senior and retirement years
Plan ahead for Alzheimer's and obtain long-term health insurance
Advice for women on getting long-term care insurance
Health and disability insurance can protect you when playing baseball
How to get the right health insurance coverage for you and your family
Protect your family's financial security with the right insurance
Determine your need to buy a long-term care insurance policy
Think ahead when purchasing a long-term care insurance policy
How to apply and receive veteran's benefits and services
How to mitigate and avoid the denial of a health insurance claim
Understand the financial benefits of voluntary insurance
Advice to recent college graduates on buying necessary insurance
Insurance coverage you need to protect your teenage children

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