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More than 15 years of executive experience in high technology, social media, electronics and hi tech, with current focus on home fire prevention, technologies, lighting and related product innovation.

Currently working on a full line of fire safety lighting solutions with Life+Gear, including recently released Fire Safety Night Lights -- a unique, innovative, and affordable solution for emergency safety lighting that fire experts are acclaiming as important as smoke detectors.

Life+Gear was founded by Nicholas Connor and Dennis Bertken, currently CEO and President respectively, with the goals of providing survival, emergency and safety preparation solutions to families that are also usable in everyday life -- and to encourage people to be Prepared for Life BEFORE emergencies occur. Life+Gear’s range of personal lighting -- including flashlights and lanterns, survival kits and home safety lighting -- is available at more than 100,000 retailers worldwide.

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Home Emergency, Preparedness, and Recovery

Protect and prevent your family and home from a fire
There are over a million fires in the US every year and most home fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms and among families who are unclear on how to escape. The leading killer in hom...

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