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Contact me for: Help with your children with diagnosed and undiagnosed challenges that make it hard to function at school or at home, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, mood regulation challenges, and learning disabilities.

My Special Needs Navigation Services can help you to appropriately set your priorities and to give you the tools you need so you can get the best possible support and care for your child. Armed with knowledge, an understanding of how to evaluate the options, and a plan of action, you will be able to navigate clinical care and educational settings more effectively. With this information, you can save both time and money.

In addition to my experience supporting families who are trying to navigate schools, doctors, insurance, and life, I am a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI™) consultant. RDI™ is an individualized training program that helps parents learn how their child's mind works. By working closely with you and your child, I can help you learn how to create meaningful learning opportunities in everyday situations so your child can acquire the social-emotional skills fundamental to making and maintaining meaningful relationships.

Sarah Wayland, Ph.D., is an RDI consultant and a special needs care coordinator at Guiding Exceptional Parents, LLC. She earned a Ph.D. in 1990 from Brandeis University in Cognitive Psychology; and has worked at Northeastern University, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Study of Language. Dr. Wayland is co-editor of the book, Technology Tools for Students with Autism: Innovations that Enhance Independence and Learning.

Dr. Wayland is also a parent. She knows a lot about how to get children what they need, and how to make sure time and money are well-spent.

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