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Sarah Nerad is a young person in long-term recovery since 2007. She has made it her life purpose to create the same opportunities that she had to enter and sustain recovery for young people across the country. Sarah was one of the founding members of YPR | Young People in Recovery, co-chair of the youth track at JMATE 2012, and a SAMHSA intern in the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment department of Consumer Affairs. She is the co-founders of PTR Associates, which is a consulting firm dedicated to addressing disparities in the prevention, treatment and recovery fields. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration at The Ohio State University. Through her Graduate Administrative Associate position within the Student Life Student Wellness Center at Ohio State, she has helped create the Collegiate Recovery Community and Recovery House.

Dr. Meyers has over 25 years of experience within the field of addiction with a focus on adolescents.

Expert Articles by Sarah Nerad, Kathy Meyers

Raising Teens

How can you help your child sustain long-term addiction recovery?
Addiction is a disease, and recovery is a process that can be navigated successfully. Like all teenagers, youth with a substance use disorder, who are in recovery, still need structure, reinforcers, c...

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