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Contact me for: Counseling and short-term psychotherapy for women, couples and families to develop solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Southampton University, England, and I have clinical experience in both hospital and outpatient settings in the UK and USA since 1993. I have presented at both national and international conferences and have published research on postpartum mood disorders. Since moving to the USA sixteen years ago I have been in private practice in Northbrook working with adults, couples and children, helping them develop the confidence and skills to bring about positive changes for themselves.

Using cognitive therapy, which is short-term "here and now" therapy, I help to empower my clients with the tools necessary to deal with emotional and relationship problems both in the present and future.

I am particularly interested in mood disorders, stress management and the mind/body connection for promoting wellness. I also specialize in weight and eating issues, child and family therapy and women's issues across the lifespan.

In addition to my private practice work with clients, I am the Founder/Director of the PPD IL Alliance and the IL coordinator for Postpartum Support International. Volunteering for these local and national non-profit organizations, which bring support to women with pregnancy/postpartum mood disorders and their families, has been a way for me to bring my passion for this work to a wider community.

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Prevention and treatment for pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders

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Anxiety and Stress

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Manage and reduce stress by turning negative thoughts into positives
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Talk to a therapist to help manage and overcome your anxiety
Reduce your holiday stress and enjoy the season
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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) helps treat PTSD
Simple tips to help manage anxiety and stay in control
Meditative techniques throughout your workday can reduce stress
Control your emotions and reduce anxiety without therapy

Marriage and Couples

Get help if you are unsure of your marriage or relationship
Date night is a must for parents to ensure a healthy relationship
Parents can still have a romantic relationship while raising kids
Admitting when you are wrong supports a healthy relationship
Save your relationship with an experienced marriage counselor
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Nutritional advice for you and your baby while pregnant
Hypnosis can remove stress and hormonal cravings when pregnant
Successfully treat postpartum depression after having a baby
Your wife needs your support to help her beat postpartum disorder
Prevention and treatment for pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders
Cope with the loss of a baby after having a miscarriage
Help surviving a summer pregnancy and staying cool in the heat
Have a healthy baby and pregnancy with this expert advice
Holistically treat post-pregnancy nutritional deficiencies
Control the risk factors of autism and ADHD prior to pregnancy
Collect and store cord blood to protect your newborn's future health
Treat common pregnancy ailments at the first sign of discomfort
Reduce and treat pregnancy swelling in your feet and ankles
An online baby registry is a great way to get the gifts you want
Avoid developing gestational diabetes to ensure a healthy pregnancy
How you should prepare for pregnancy when you have diabetes
Exercising while you are pregnant is healthy for you and your baby
Varicose veins can be prevented during and after pregnancy
How to recover after experiencing a traumatic birth
Reduce the worry, anxiety, and stress experienced during pregnancy
Adjusting to life after having a baby and coping with postpartum
Exercising while pregnant is safe and eases recovery after delivery
It is important to protect your back and spine during pregnancy


Expert advice when your having a hard time getting pregnant
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A mental illness doesn’t have to keep you from staying healthy
Choose dual-diagnosis treatment center for addiction and mental health
Solve chronic depression when no other treatments have worked
Don't despair: Restore hope for those suffering from depression
Overcome depression by healing bad memories and thinking positively
Yoga is a great way to help with depression and anxiety
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Create a safe, open family environment to talk about mental health


Can't sleep? It's called insomnia
Insomnia doesn't have to keep you up all night
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to treat insomnia and help you sleep
Nighty night: Get a good night’s sleep with this expert advice
Get help to overcome your sleep disorder and finally get some rest
Snoring or sleep apnea? Know the differences and treatment options
Avoid the cycle of chronic insomnia, poor sleep and exhaustion
Good sleep habits improve mood, energy, and mental health
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Urgent Mental Issues

Help your friend who is having major depression and suicidal thoughts
Help your loved one who is having a PTSD episode
Help calming yourself down when having a panic attack or anxiety
Help your loved one heal after a suicide attempt by drug overdose
Learn to heal and take back your life after a attempting suicide
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Managing migraine triggers and help getting treatment
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Improving Family Communication

Strong parent-child relationships start with boundaries
Teach polite communication to kids and put an end to backtalk
Nurturing your family relations by encouraging strong communication
Accepting differences to create effective family communication
Teaching kids about money will help them avoid debt issues as an adult
Accept differences to create effective family communication
Your child's challenging behavior is their way of communicating
Strengthening communication brings family members closer together
Recognize the best ways to discuss serious family issues with kids
Support your child athlete to create great experiences and memories
Fostering a positive communicative environment for all children
Talking to your children about coping with the loss of friendships
Advice for parents who want to talk so their children will listen

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