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  • Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing
  • Sophono, Inc.
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Contact me for: Sophono, Inc., is a medical device manufacturer specializing in abutment-free, implantable, bone conduction hearing systems. The company’s products are designed for individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss or impairment. The Sophono Alpha 2™ System is the only abutment-free, implantable, bone-anchored hearing system available today. Treating those with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, and single-ear deafness, the FDA-cleared Alpha 2 eliminates the problematic abutment of devices by using magnets to affix external sound processors.

Sophono corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations reside in Boulder, Colo. The company maintains an office in Germany, works with more than 20 distributors, and is actively selling in more than 30 countries.

Before joining Sophono, Inc., as vice president of global sales and marketing, Rick served as CEO of Neuromonics, Inc., a medical device manufacturer of products and services that treat tinnitus. He also held the positions of vice president for Latin America and Canadian business at Cochlear Americas (Centennial, Colo.), and vice president and general manager for Latin America.

Rick previously worked in sales and marketing for Spectramed Corporation, Deseret Medical and Far Western Hospital Supply, and as custom products manager for American Hospital Supply, all in Denver. He also was founder and president of Landmark Medical Exports, Inc. (Denver), an export management and consulting company.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hobart College (Geneva, N.Y.) and Master of Business Administration degree from Syracuse University. In the community, Giancola is a co-chair of the Colorado host committee for the 2014 men’s world lacrosse championships. He is active with the Colorado Lacrosse Foundation, chairs the organization’s Hall of Fame committee, and is a past president.

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