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The medical community, in general, has been less than effective in dealing with the growing overweight and obesity epidemic. Unlike an acute appendicitis, or a deep laceration, where the requirement for resolution of the problem is fairly straight-forward, and accepted by the majority of treating physicians, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of approaches that are put forth by individual physicians to address the problem of excessive weight in humans. Though losing weight is often a difficult process for many people, it has always been my contention that there are subpopulations of individuals among us, who are not only ‘good’ at losing weight and changing their bodies, they actually excel at doing so. Though the habits, activities and actions of these individuals can be modeled by others, we have been slow to recognize what these individuals have to offer to the population at large. In fact, I believe as physicians, we have essentially ignored what these individuals bring to the table.

In recognizing this, my approach to helping people lose weight and change their physical bodies, has been to meld what I know to be effective from a medical standpoint, with what I know the most successful individuals among us (at changing the physical body) do day-to-day, to create their success and maintain it. If you are struggling to lose weight or transform your physical body, I would like to help you. Physical change is possible and predictable, especially if you become consistent doing the things that the most successful among us do consistently. What I teach and write about validates what those in the fitness world live and understand. As a physician, I feel it is my job to teach others what truly works to change the body (not just how to diet) and how to maintain those changes long-term. Because I live the lifestyle that I teach, I know how credible a ‘fitness-based path’ to physical change can be, and how it leads to reliability and often predictability of results, and that is what I want others to understand.

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