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Dr. Richard Duhrkopf, associate professor of biology at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, is an extensive researcher with more than 30 years’ experience studying mosquitoes.

Dr. Duhrkopf currently serves as regional director for the national American Mosquito Control Association, which he has been an active participant in since 1977. He has served on the Texas Mosquito Control Association since 1985. He is chairman of the Institutional Animal Care Committee, a federally-mandated committee at Baylor that oversees the use of animals in teaching and research. Dr. Duhrkopf also serves on the statewide West Nile Virus Task Force that is tasked with coordinating efforts and communications related to public awareness of the West Nile Virus.

In addition to his committee work, Dr. Duhrkopf teaches introduction to modern bioscience, genetics, biology of animal behavior and behavioral genetics. His research interests include behavior and ecology of mosquitoes, effective methods for mosquito abatement and mosquito larval behavior.

Dr. Duhrkopf has been quoted in the USA Today and in local print and TV media. Dr. Duhrkopf received his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree from Ohio State University. He joined the Baylor University faculty in 1984.

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