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i) Honors Bachelors Science in Biological Chemistry – McMaster University,
ii) PhD Bioanalytical Chemistry – McMaster University
Publications: 9 peer-reviewed scientific publications in leading journals, 2 patents

Relevant Experience:
PhD and Post-doctoral research revolved around the study of small molecule (drug and natural) interaction with DNA and proteins. Developed novel assays for screening specific DNA and protein targets against libraries of synthetic and natural product drug candidates.

Started out working in the pharmaceutical industry, in formulation development. Led the successful completion of over 25 generic drug development projects and filing of over 15 ANDA (Abbreviated New Drug Applications) in Canada, US, Europe and Australia. Oversaw all physical and chemical analysis of all raw materials and finished product during the development process – which expertise in analytic methodology, including: HPLC, GC, LC-MS, Particle Size, UV, IR and Dissolution.

Switched gears and have been working in the natural products industry for the past 4 years. started working with Complete about a year ago and we’ve continued to develop several innovative and cutting edge weight loss and sport nutrition products over that time….with a lot more to come!

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