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After graduating from Lehigh Carbon Community College with an A.A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology, Nancy became a certified veterinary technician. Nancy worked as a zookeeper while pursuing a B.S. degree in Environmental Science at East Stroudsburg University. Upon completion of her degree, Nancy began teaching courses in the Veterinary Technician Program at Lehigh Carbon Community College and Northampton Community College. Courses taught included Veterinary Parasitology, Animal Management and Nutrition, and Small Animal Clinical Procedures. During this time, Nancy also completed her Master’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Entomology from East Stroudsburg University. After obtaining her M.S. degree, and gaining four years of teaching experience, Nancy moved to Blacksburg, VA to pursue her doctorate in Medical Entomology at Virginia Tech. Nancy’s research focused on virus transmission studies, primarily involving La Crosse virus and several species of mosquitoes. Studies conducted included mosquito vector co-infections, oviposition activity of invasive mosquito species, and the use of dogs as sentinels for vector-borne disease. During her tenure as a PhD student at Virginia Tech, Nancy continued to teach as a teaching assistant. Courses taught included Medical Entomology and General Biology to undergraduates. As a medical entomology doctoral student, Nancy’s studies focused on urban pests of public health importance, including extensive coursework on bed bugs. After receiving her PhD in 2009, Nancy began working for Rentokil NAPC as Pest Control Technician in Hatfield PA. In May 2010, Nancy assumed the role of Training Manager / Entomologist.

Nancy’s current responsibilities include leading and supporting the development and training of our technicians throughout North American Pest Control. She works closely with the Technical Field Trainers and LOB Managers to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for new and existing technicians within the organization, including the monthly training meetings. Nancy also serves as a subject matter expert for NAPC University and provides additional technical support in the field.


Doctorate of Philosophy, Vector-Borne Disease, April 2009
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech),
Blacksburg, VA
Dissertation: Transmission of La Crosse Virus in Southwest Virginia: Role of Accessory Vectors, Microfilarial Coinfection, and Canine Seroprevalence
Co Advisors: Dr. Carlyle Brewster and Dr. Sally Paulson

Master’s of Science, Biology, May 2005
East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA
Research Project: Treehopper (Insecta: Hemiptera: Membracidae) Seasonal Abundance and Host Associations in of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Wallace

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, May 2001
East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA

Associate Degree in Applied Science, Veterinary Technology, May 1999
Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville, PA

Professional Memberships:
Entomological Society of America
American Mosquito Control Association
Sigma Xi

Speaking Interests: medical and veterinary entomology, mosquito biology and control, human and veterinary parasitology, vector-borne diseases, bedbugs, cockroaches

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