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With over 34 years in substance abuse prevention and recovery, Hamilton is an nationally renowned expert in the delivery of trauma informed care and effective family-centered treatment.

Teaching families how to build their personal Family Support Network involves teaching families improved communication skills, how to rebuild trust and relationships and how to set realistic and consistent boundaries and expectations. Communication, encouragement and hope all stem from this process. As President and CEO at Operation PAR, delivering effective family therapy is our top priority. Helping families deal with addiction helps prevent unnecessary suffering and avoid emotional turmoil. Over the past decade, we have informed the behavioral health care field’s practice of effective family-centered treatment. Additionally, Operation PAR has participated in several national research studies funded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). As a result of one national research study, Family Support Network, a clinical protocol that I wrote and implemented, is listed on the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices ( ) The Family Support Network approach is a multi-component intervention aimed at improving the family context in which adolescent recovery takes place. Research has shown that treatment outcomes are improved significantly if the family is involved in the treatment process in a healthy and supportive fashion. Family participation will significantly improve success in treatment and recovery. Family Support Network recognizes that individual and family treatment sessions are limited in the number of approved sessions or limited in the ability of a family to afford on-going treatment. Therefore, a family must be shown effective cognitive behavioral (goal-oriented) strategies that can empower them in building a healthy recovering home and a family relapse prevention plan.

Expert Articles by Nancy Hamilton, MPA, CAP, CCJAP

Drug Addiction

Expert advice on getting through addiction as a family
Sending your child to substance abuse treatment requires your full emotional support

Expert Articles Sponsored by Nancy Hamilton, MPA, CAP, CCJAP

Drug Addiction

Is your teen abusing drugs?
Advice for teenagers to stay sober and never get addicted to drugs
Help approaching your teen about drug use
Eat these healthy foods to help your brain heal from drug abuse
How to make the most of addiction treatment
How to use addiction medicine to help you quit
Expert advice on getting through addiction as a family
Be successful in an outpatient treatment program for drug addiction
Students: Stop using smart drugs (Adderall) to get by in college
Loved ones require your help during cocaine addiction treatment
Hypnosis can eliminate unwanted and enhance desired behaviors
Quit your heroin addiction and get sober with the right treatment
How to overcome your prescription painkiller addiction
Quit xanax and learn natural ways to beat anxiety
Choose the best substance addiction treatment for you or loved one
Overcome your drug addiction and get clean with an inpatient treatment center
Seek professional help at the first sign of cocaine addiction
Stop using steroids and get back on track with a healthy and realistic workout
Hypnotherapy can help you beat your addiction
Save your loved one from addiction by staging an intervention
Be considerate when you approach a spouse on an addiction problem
Sending your child to substance abuse treatment requires your full emotional support
Are the pills in your medicine cabinet a gateway drug to heroin?
Help choosing a substance abuse and mood disorder treatment center
Treat withdrawal and addiction to Vicodin and Oxycontin painkillers
Advice on how to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction relapse
Quit smoking marijuana to help strengthen your emotional state
How to talk to a loved one that is a drug addict about treatment
Are you ready to get treatment for drug addiction?
How to help your child when they get out of drug treatment
Stay sober and avoid relapsing after you get out of drug rehab
Marijuana is a drug and is addictive; how to quit using it
Choose the right addiction therapy program to ensure recovery

Tobacco Addiction

Successfully quit smoking by knowing what to expect in cessation
Nicotine gum can help you quit smoking and chewing tobacco
Stop smoking cigarettes with help from hypnosis
Convince yourself that now is the time to beat your nicotine addiction
Nicotine patch can help you quit cigarettes and chewing tobacco
Stop smoking cold turkey without using nicotine replacement therapy
Meditation and quitting smoking: how nicotine hijacks your brain
Practicing mindfulness to help you break the habit of smoking
Quit smoking and resist the cravings with a strategy that works


How to stop your drinking problem
Parenting advice to help your teen stay sober
Holistic treatment can help you beat drug and alcohol addiction
Help strengthen your chances of staying sober through recovery
Help a loved one through alcohol treatment for a chance at recovery
Provide support to a spouse entering an alcohol treatment program
Stay sober and beat your addiction with a few simple lifestyle changes
Stay sober even after having a drug or alcohol relapse
How to stay sober during the holidays
How to quit alcohol on your own and stay sober
Learn how to be around alcohol without relapsing
After a relapse get back to recovery and staying sober
How medicine and therapy can help alcohol cravings and withdrawal

Caring for Teens and Adults with Disabilities

Teens with special needs must prep for transition to adulthood
Achieving inclusion for college students with special needs
Caring for an aging sibling with disabilities entails teamwork
Negotiating adulthood as a teen or young adult with disabilities
Tailoring sex education to teens and adults on the autism spectrum
Supporting postsecondary success for teens with learning differences
Students with disabilities must plan for postsecondary education
Building connections and community for teens with disabilities
Recreation can help teens with needs transition to community life
Helping teens with autism spectrum disorder prepare for college
Teach kids with social learning challenges to become independent
Preparing teens with special needs and learning issues for college
Making college a reality for youth with intellectual disabilities
Sexuality education is vital for teens with intellectual disabilities
How can individuals with disabilities seek and pursue employment?
Help teens on the autism spectrum to navigate social relations
Person-directed planning can empower individuals with autism
Explore postsecondary options for students with learning differences
How can parents help youth with special needs to become adults?


17 Questions to ask yourself after being arrested for a DUI
Calculate your blood alcohol content for a DUI
Don't let a DUI ruin your life
Drunk driving terminology by state
Contact the DMV immediately when charged with a DUI
Understanding a DUI defense in a court trial
Protect yourself with a good DUI lawyer
Tests used to determine if you are driving drunk
Advice on refusing DUI field sobriety tests and knowing your rights
Advice when you fail the field sobriety test and are charged with DUI
Avoid the common pitfalls when appealing a DWI decision

Children's Health

You can survive the NICU
Acupressure is a wonderful, gentle remedy for your child’s ailments
Teach your children about healthy nutrition and wise choices
An acupuncturist can help treat your child's health conditions
Ensure the top level of care for your baby’s eye health
Parents guide on how to prevent hearing loss in your children
Maintain your child’s vision and eye health to optimize learning
Prevent childhood obesity by making healthier food choices
Battle obesity in children by fostering an active family lifestyle
Encourage mental health in children with a psychological evaluation
Protect your baby during the winter: Know the facts about RSV
Cord blood banking can help your children stay healthy
Getting your child interested in sports will help prevent obesity
Know the warnings signs and symptoms of depression in your child
Cooking healthy foods for picky eaters to help them eat healthier
Be proactive when getting your child treatment for scoliosis
Why rewarding children with sugar or treats is a big mistake
What you should do if you suspect your child has ADHD

Raising Teens

Help your teenager cope with their anger management problem
Viewing your teen as a developing adult can improve your relationship
Raising preteens and laying a positive foundation for the future
Support your teen's academic success and healthy development
Helping your teen navigate the college admissions process
Independent college consultants can help teens apply to college
Teach your teenager how to avoid substance abuse
Keep your teenage driver safe behind the wheel and on the road
Learn the facts on teen driving safety
Raise a respectful, polite teen by setting appropriate boundaries
Supporting your teenage daughter through the dating experience
Improve your teen parenting by understanding the teenage years
How do I relate to and communicate with my teenager?
Help and protect your teen who practices self-injury and cutting
Are there any signs of abuse in your teenager's relationship?
Effectively communicate with your teenager about substance abuse
What's the best way for parents to discuss sexuality with boys?
Teen sexting: What all parents need to know
Managing the difficult issue of drug and alcohol use in teenagers
Help teens build resiliency, improve coping skills and ease stress
Managing the difficult issue of drug and alcohol use in your teen
Parenting your rebellious teen and encouraging healthy independence
Get a plan and the tools to communicate with your college freshman
Teach your teens to recognize the dangers of distracted driving
How can you help your child sustain long-term addiction recovery?
How should you talk to your teenage daughter about dating violence?
Parents must create an addiction prevention family plan for teens
How should parents talk with their teenagers about substance use?
Support teens in making good choices regarding drugs and alcohol
Help your teenagers leave home with resilience and perseverance
Parents can lead teens to a connected life free from addiction
Expert advice on communicating with your teenagers about drug abuse

Health Insurance

Manage your health savings account
Selecting disability income insurance
Why you need travel insurance for your trip
Purchasing travel medical insurance
Dealing with a family member's long-term care insurance
Considering a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
No longer covered by your parents’ health insurance?
Buy travel medical insurance for a safe study-abroad experience
Best pet insurance policy to protect your cat or dog and budget
Long term care insurance ensures you're covered for medical costs
Know how to navigate the Affordable Care Act to get the best coverage
Recent college grads should understand their health care options
Prepare for higher medical costs during senior and retirement years
Plan ahead for Alzheimer's and obtain long-term health insurance
Advice for women on getting long-term care insurance
Health and disability insurance can protect you when playing baseball
How to get the right health insurance coverage for you and your family
Protect your family's financial security with the right insurance
Determine your need to buy a long-term care insurance policy
Think ahead when purchasing a long-term care insurance policy
How to apply and receive veteran's benefits and services
How to mitigate and avoid the denial of a health insurance claim
Understand the financial benefits of voluntary insurance
Advice to recent college graduates on buying necessary insurance
Insurance coverage you need to protect your teenage children

Education Law

How to get special education services at school for your child
Managing your child’s special education documents and records
Students benefit when schools and families have positive relationships
How to ensure your child’s IEP is meeting his or her special needs

Bipolar Disorder

Pediatric bipolar disorder and ADHD: differences and getting help
Advice for getting treatment for bipolar disorder
Find a balanced treatment plan when diagnosed with bipolar disorder
Use acupuncture to help alleviate symptoms of bipolar disorder
If you think you have bipolar disorder, now is the time to get help
Have a healthy relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Advice for helping your teenager overcome OCD
To help you treat OCD, you need to develop mental strength
Advice for spouses and partners with obsessive compulsive disorder
Reach out for support to help manage symptoms of postpartum OCD
Teens - Don't be afraid to ask for help with OCD
How to approach dating someone with obsessive compulsive disorder
Managing Scrupulosity OCD: Know how to live a healthy religious life

Life Insurance

Selecting term life insurance
Selecting whole life insurance when you're newly married
Selecting whole life insurance
How to use life insurance to protect assets
Understanding your Canadian permanent insurance options
Selecting Canada's Term-to-100 life insurance
Selecting Canada's whole life insurance
Selecting Canada's universal life insurance
Shop online for term life insurance that is right for you
Protect your family in your 40's with right term life insurance
Financially protect your family’s future with term life insurance
Between 20 and 25, protect your financial future and buy term life insurance
Saving money is easy when you buy term life insurance in your 20s
Buy term life insurance when you are young, married or have a baby
How to get term life insurance with pre-existing health challenges
New parents: Understand whole life insurance before buying
Read and understand the life insurance policy before you make a claim
Advice on using permanent life insurance as an investment vehicle
Expert advice for getting a high risk life insurance policy
Options for life insurance when diagnosed with prostate cancer
Learn the benefits of a No Medical Exam life insurance policy
How to buy an annuity for retirement and as life insurance

Internet, Technology and Gaming Addiction

Kick your smartphone habit and lower stress with this expert advice
Improve personal communication by putting computer and phone away
Online gambling out of control? How to treat this Internet addiction
Video game addiction: Recognize the problem in yourself or others
Unplug your kids: Get them off the electronics and playing outdoors
Seek therapy for sex and internet porn addiction
Video game addiction is real. Follow this helpful advice

Kids with Eating Disorders

Coping with a teenage daughter suffering from an eating disorder
Help your child struggling with an eating disorder such as anorexia
Supporting your child with an eating disorder is vital to recovery
Advice for parents to help their child overcome an eating disorder
Advice for parents to help their child who binge eats
I think my child might have an eating disorder. What should I do?
What parents should do if they think their child has anorexia
Helping your child with an eating disorder move towards recovery
Helping children who may be struggling with an eating disorder

Eating Disorders

How to stop binge eating and live a healthier life
Support your loved one to help them overcome an overeating problem
Treat compulsive eating by taking the power away from food
Expert advice to help you address anorexia and bulimia
Navigating insurance coverage for the treatment of eating disorders
Midnight snacking out of control? It's called night eating syndrome
Overcome compulsive, binge, and over-eating with this advice
Athletes are more susceptible to eating disorders: Get help now
Advice for avoiding midnight snacking
How to end emotional eating once and for all
Lose weight by breaking free of emotional eating
How athletes can beat anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders
Food and sugar addiction: Why you can’t stop eating
Control your appetite and binge eating using supplements
Bulimia nervosa: Help your child overcome their eating disorder
To maintain a healthy diet be aware of how you eat and what you eat
The role of genetics and overeating: Find individualized treatment

Child Safety

Teaching children to be safe, strong and free
Navigating the many risks of summer begins with parental awareness
Keep kids safe outdoors from bees, wasps, ticks and mosquitos
Expert advice for surviving a school shooting
Create a safe family home by minimizing your exposure to toxins
Keep children safe and secure during the holiday season
Parents must communicate with their children about internet safety
Educating your kids about body safety can help prevent sexual abuse
Sports safety: Make eye protection a priority for your child

Tackling Family Problems and Conflict

Cooking as a family fosters fun and creativity in the kitchen
Recipe: Black-eyed pea salsa
Embracing and accepting autism can help kids build friendships
Good parenting can help prevent teens from using drugs and alcohol
Supporting kids through the healing process after a disaster
Manage difficult child behaviors with collaborative problem solving
How can families successfully manage their stress together at home?
How can parents support children when a marriage turns rocky?
Put an end to clutter and arguments by organizing your playroom
Positive prevention strategies can decrease a child's behaviors
Create daily routines for children with weak executive functions
How can parents help their kids develop essential social skills?

Teacher and Classroom Resources

Get your class to settle down
How do I get my students to ask questions?
How to handle unruly students
Dos and Don'ts of grading discussion boards
Tips for designing a course
Dos and Don'ts of teaching non-traditional students online
Bloom's Taxonomy
Teachers: Get help communicating with parents
Advice for teachers on great parent-teacher conferences
Make your classroom safe for weather and violent emergencies
Meeting the unique needs of gifted children within the classroom
Create an inclusive classroom that helps all types of students
Advice for teachers to help prevent misbehavior in their classroom
Organizing the classroom for students with autism spectrum disorder
Advice for creating safe and welcoming schools for LGBT youth
Using discussion groups to help nurture growth in gifted students
Ensure success in the classroom for kids on the autism spectrum
Advice for teachers on how to recognize and reduce school violence
How to inspire and motivate students to participate in class
Advice for teachers to reduce truancy and keep kids in school

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