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Contact me for: Exercise Programs including outdoor workouts (including Guided Runs, Power Hours, Super Walks & Dynamic Stretching, and a Run/Yoga Combination) in and throughout Central Park that are led by local fitness professionals combining exercise with guided tours through the most iconic sights in the park

Mike is a born and raised New Yorker and has been a certified Personal Trainer for 10 years. He started Fit Tours NYC when he realized that most of his clients who traveled for business had similar complaints upon returning from work trips. They had no time or incentive to work out on their own and felt terrible because they overate,overindulged and had no motivation to exercise. There were undoubtedly millions of visitors to NYC who felt the same way.

He got licensed as an official NYC sightseeing guide and designed courses that would show the best parts of Central Park and put together comprehensive workout programs to go along with them. It’s been a wildly popular project and now instead of travelers going home fat and guilty he sends them home happy fit, and fulfilled!

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Fitness and Exercise

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