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Full time tutor in Mathematics, Literature, American History, and the SAT, GRE, and ACT. Expert appraiser of gemstones and antique jewelry. Proud husband and father. Innovator in reading comprehension methodology.

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K-12 Education

How to overcome test anxiety
Modern visualization training was developed for cosmonauts in Russia then used with the Olympic speed skating team. Those who spent the most time imagining perfect skating in real time did 25 percent ...

Undergraduate Programs

How to successfully live at home while attending college
The purpose of college is to get your first taste of adult professional and social life. If you live at home, then you’re presented with an obstacle that you can, nevertheless, jump over. Your bigge...

Graduate Programs

Study tips for the GRE
The point of the GRE is to show how you have grown in college. If you have spent three years without reading a book on your own, then I would advise you to begin to start reading now. If you, like man...

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