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Contact me for: Online and personal career development, and career transition services on my website by subscription; a semi-monthly newsletter for those in career change (free subscription); information and questions about my books—What Choice Do I Have? (choice making and change), and Press On! (effective communications).

Michael Kerrigan is founder and president of LifeTime Services, LLC, and LifeTimeCareer.net.

He has been a career coach since 2004 and has worked directly with more than 1,000 people in some phase of job development or employment transition.

Michael started his career as a journalist, working for a series of magazines and newspapers. He moved on to lead a university PR office, and then produced training materials and books on change and choice making, and effective communications.

He’s also been a mediator, facilitator and political advisor.

LifeTimeCareer.net is designed to help subscribers make the best choices possible as they move toward their goal of landing the right job.

Michael’s books include:
- What Choice Do I Have? 26 Choice Secrets to Help You Achieve the Results You Want in All Areas of Life and Work
- Press On! How Naysayers Cause Us to Grow and Succeed

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