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Contact me for: Help in fostering youthful entrepreneurship; sparking a motivated mind and consequent action; and both SAT and ACT advice.

Michael Guberti is an entrepreneur. His motivational and enthusiastic attributes are evident. He is a Ping Pong competitor, bowler, creative comic writer, P90X graduate, and MLB baseball fan.

Michael practices mind-body healing connections throughout the day, and is deeply philosophical.

He is the author of SAT/ACT Guide to SUCCESS from Mindset to Mathematics & Clock Management to College.

He is the co-founder of Teenager Entrepreneur.

I have founded Teenager Entrepreneur, an educational and empowerment training course that guides teenagers to discover their passions, and pave the way to their future career. By cultivating a profitable income and propelling their future, aspiring teenagers will foster self-confidence by discovering their life’s purpose. Having networked with and learned cutting edge business strategies from New York City’s most influential proprietors, I offer years of business insight through my Teenager Entrepreneur program. Teenager Entrepreneur is built on the principle of helping teenagers transcend their current state and become extraordinary, the same principle upon which service is enacted, and one I look to carry out for the rest of my life. After all, teenagers possess bundles of energy and expertise acquired through experience in a field of their interest. However, they lack the knowledge and discipline to funnel that energy and pride into creation, and as a result, credibility. Teenager Entrepreneur directs their vivacity through our four pillars of progress---Passion, Package, Profit and Propel, the descriptions of which can be found at teenagerentrepreneur.com. I will be teaching the Teenager Entrepreneur curriculum at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business this summer in the form of an intensive, in-person boot camp with the added student benefit of direct contact with the founder.

In addition to Teenager Entrepreneur, I have programmed and launched my own individual website, aptly named michaelguberti.com. On michaelguberti.com, my free posts include an inspirational quote from a professional athlete coupled with how that athlete’s message relates in your life; such posts are featured on Fordham University's webpage, the business-advisory website carolroth.com and used by the guidance counselors at Fordham Preparatory School to inspire their students on a weekly basis. The goal of my website is to orient the global psyche towards a ‘can-do’ paradigm through uplifting messages. As a side note, I have authored a book, SAT/ACT Guide To Success From Mindset To Mathematics and Clock Management to College, on Amazon to teach high school students how to master both the SAT and ACT; such literature has received five star ratings and is soon becoming a required summer reading book for rising sophomores in local high schools. Because of such accomplishments, I have been interviewed by the Westchester Magazine and Westchester County Business Journal, and am featured as their headline stories. In addition, I am in talks with local television outlets to promote my thriving business manifestations, and have won the Rule Breakers Entrepreneurship Award.

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