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Contact me for: Practical Sleep is a California based company that offers at home sleep apnea solutions for a perfect night sleep. Practical Sleep offers a new solution to the traditional doctor’s hospital and lab sleep study. The California based company provides patients with a self -testing solution that is easy and comfortable and done in the comfort of home. Practical Sleep offers customers the APAP machine without the need for insurance that bypasses the pre-existing risk on insurance records that often leads to premium increases. People save a tremendous amount of money and get the same equipment and treatment as a doctor or sleep clinic. Practical Sleep offers an easy and cost effective alternative to handling sleep apnea and empowers patients to take their sleep issues into their own hands. Practical Sleep offers sleep apnea solutions for a perfect night’s sleep.

Michael Asaly has over 20 years experience in medical and related sciences at major universities including more than twelve years experience at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. This experience has provided Michael with the technical knowledge and professionalism to meet the need for at home sleep diagnostics that are offered through PracticalSleep.com.

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