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Founded by Melissa Yetter in honor of her son, Sam Yetter (www.SamYetter.com)

Incorporated in South Carolina December 16, 2009

Non profit 501c3 status April 21, 2010

The Service Dog Institute (TSDI) is non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children/adults with special needs by providing trained service dogs that help boost confidence, improve self sufficiency, provide companionship and perform skilled tasks that enable these children to lead more independent lives.

Those with special needs or who have experienced trauma in their lives and requires the benefits of a service dog.

The Service Dog Institute (TSDI), knows first-hand how service dogs greatly improve the lives of children with special needs, as well as their families. Because of this experience, TSDI strives to ensure that other families also experience the same wonderful benefits that service dogs bring. Here's a sampling of the things TSDI does:
· Raise and train service dogs for special needs
· Train child/parent/dog teams and place service dogs in loving homes
· Provide ongoing support to families with TSDI dogs, to ensure a successful, long-term partnership
· Strives to maintain the highest standards of training and facilitate healthy relationships between service dogs, their families and communities
· Educate the public about service dogs and promote better awareness and understanding of their capabilities and the benefits they provide
· Engage the use of volunteers in TSDI activities, including promotion, fundraising, training and maintenance

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