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Contact me for: Lamson Consulting is a consulting company specializing in global mindset development. We provide international services in cross cultural / intercultural training and consulting, global diversity & inclusion strategy, and cultural transformation for global organizations.

Melissa Lamson is a sought after consultant who accelerates the goals of today's business leaders by shaping global mindsets and developing cultural continuity in organizations. Through innovative methods, experienced consultation and customized workshops, Melissa's goal is to help companies work successfully across cultures, expand internationally, improve time-to-market and increase profits. Melissa's clients have included, 3M, Cisco, Commerzbank, Harvard University, Mozilla, MTV (Viacom), Blackberry (RIM), SAP, and Twitter. She is currently a lead facilitator for LinkedIn's worldclass management development program, ManageIn.

Melissa has recently published her latest book, Why European Companies Fail in the US Market, And How Yours Can Succeed. She is also the author of #Cultural Transformation Tweet with contributions by Yahoo and IBM. Previously Melissa published, No Such Thing as Small Talk: 7 Keys for Understanding German Business Culture.

Melissa has lived in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Germany and France. She currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

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