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Melanie Johnston is the Executive Director of BRITE Success, LLC, which provides services to consumers with development disabilities, families and professionals developing programs, and teaching individuals of all ages using interventions that provide communication skills, behavioral skills and readiness skills that are essential for independence. She completed her baccalaureate degree at Texas Christian University in Speech Pathology, and her master’s degree at University of Texas, Austin in Early Childhood Intervention and Special Education. In 1983 she co-founded The Bynum School (originally known as Developmental Disabilities Center) in Midland, Texas. In the 1980’s Melanie was given the opportunity to work directly under Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas providing what is now known as ABA Therapy. Melanie has over 30 years of experience not only as an SLP but also as an Autism/Behavior Specialist in public schools, private practice and collaborations with other agencies and service providers. As a private consultant with BRITE Success, LLC she works with public school systems throughout the country to develop appropriate educational plans for individuals with special needs which includes providing trainings to faculty, professionals and families. Melanie has presented, published numerous papers, co-authored RRP-TI Rapid Response Program to Intervention (Wills-Brandon, Brandon, Johnston 2007), and has been adjunct faculty at the University of Texas, Austin. Over the last two years, Melanie has been at the forefront of i-technology and implementing this technology for education especially in the areas of communication, language and learning needs. Melanie has been a sought-after speaker in this new area of technology speaking at national conferences and other trainings across the country.

Expert Articles by Melanie H. Johnston, MA

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