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Contact me for: Marydee Sklar has three offerings for parents. She has a book, 50 Tips to Help Your Student Succeed — Develop Your Student’s Time-Management and Executive Skills for Life. She also offers her Seeing My Time™ course for families, which can be completed at a distance using a live face-to-face webinar platform. In Portland, Oregon, she works directly with families. She also has a monthly newsletter with tips connected to improving time-management skills. Signing up for the newsletter gives you access to her free guide: “A Quick Dip into Your Child’s Brain.”

Marydee Sklar also offers professionals and educators training on the topics of executive functions and time management. She is a popular speaker at conferences and events. For more information visit her website: www.ExecutiveFunctioningSuccess.com

As a time management educator in a private practice, Marydee Sklar has helped families struggling with time management for almost twenty years. Her unique approach to teaching time management comes from her experience as a credentialed teacher and reading specialist as well as her own experience with executive function deficits.

She is the author of three Seeing My Time™ books, including her latest book for parents: 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed. Her previous titles, the Seeing My Time workbook and its companion Seeing My Time - Instructor’s Manual were designed for professionals to use in therapeutic or educational settings.

Marydee is a popular speaker for conferences at state and national levels where she addresses how to teach the executive functions of time management, planning, and organization. As the founder of Executive Functioning Success, she is creating a network of trained professionals to teach the Sklar Process®, based on the Seeing My Time™ workbook to their clients and students.

Marydee is a mother of two successful, independent adult children. She has been married to her husband for thirty-two years. They live in Portland, Oregon. Tucked in and around her work life, she knits, loves to cook, exercise, travel, and watch the birds.

For more information about Marydee, her books and her courses, visit http://www.ExecutiveFunctioningSuccess.com

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