Mary Jo Rapini LPC

Mary Jo Rapini is a licensed certified intimacy/sex relationship psychotherapist in private practice. Mary Jo serves as an intimacy/sex therapist for hospitals and clinics and evaluates patients for bariatric surgery in the Houston area. She was featured as the psychotherapist on the TLC series, “Big Medicine,” and works with Fox 26 on a daily segment titled, “Mind, Body, and Soul with Mary Jo.” Her segments educate couples and parents on building more intimacy into their relationships in an effort to build healthier families. Mary Jo makes weekly appearances on HLN/CNN, and contributes articles on a regular basis to such publications as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Day, People, Women’s Health, First, New York Daily News and Seventeen magazines. She is a contributing columnist for HealthNewsDigest.com, Your Tango.com, Prime Living Magazine, and ExpertBeacon.com.

Mary Jo co-authored a book for moms and daughters titled “Start Talking; A girl’s Guide for You and Your Mom About Health, Sex or Whatever."

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Expert Articles by Mary Jo Rapini LPC

Raising Teens

Raise a respectful, polite teen by setting appropriate boundaries
Supporting your teenage daughter through the dating experience
Are there any signs of abuse in your teenager's relationship?

Being a Better Parent

Teaching girls the importance of learning to accept compliments
Educate your kids about the value of saving money and budgeting
Fathers have the power to influence the lives of their daughters
Teaching responsibility to children means holding them accountable

Child Safety

Parents must communicate with their children about internet safety

Raising Healthy and Happy Kids

How can parents help their children minimize unnecessary stress?

Divorced and Dating

Advice on returning to the dating game for the second or third time

Parental Advice on Bullying

What should parents do when their children are troublemakers?

Families in Divorce

Make your divorce easier on kids by divorcing only your spouse

Improving Family Communication

Talking to your children about coping with the loss of friendships

Managing Your Career as an Employee

React to workplace bullies with knowledge, confidence and control

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