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  • SCARED SKINNY NO MORE! Exposing the Myths of Weight Bias & Weight Loss
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Mary Dimino is an author, solo show writer and performer. She stars in her critically acclaimed one woman show SCARED SKINNY, winner of the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Solo Show.

Mary paired up with Dr Brad Johnson to author the new best selling book Scared Skinny No More: Exposing the Myths of Weight Bias & Weight Loss.

After achieving and maintaining a weight loss of 115 pounds, "Mary exemplifies the hard work people do to lose pounds and stay healthy," as Meredith Vieira states. Weight is the defining battle of Mary's life and the heart of her work."

Mary is a contributing writer for the award-winning PBS documentary Fat: What No One is Telling You in which her personal journey towards health has been featured. The documentary follows Mary and others, giving viewers a window into the intense human dramas that rage inside people who have been labeled obese. It sheds insight into the complex human puzzle that is driving the obesity epidemic in America.

For her work with PBS, she won a 2008 Gracie Allen Award, presented by American Woman in Radio & Television. The Gracie honors exemplary contributions of individuals who have encouraged the realistic and faceted portrayal of women in entertainment, commercials and featured programming.

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