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Mary Dettrich & Lisa McDermott, Founders of Tonik Cycling, began as friends from Whidbey Island, Washington, who loved to cycle. Before their first century ride, they tried to buy a cycling jersey. They either laughed until their sides ached or wouldn’t come out of the dressing room. Why should this be so difficult? That was the beginning of an idea that launched Tonik.

They wanted cycle clothing that functioned on a long ride but wouldn’t make you feel silly if you had to walk into a coffee shop. Most importantly, they want women to ride! Their goal is to make women feel great when they ride, SO THEY RIDE. They have created sharp, sporty jerseys that actually fit real women’s bodies – no need to be an iron woman. They have spent countless hours trying to get their jerseys to fit and make you look awesome so women can all experience the joy of cycling, with confidence.

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