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Contact me for: Behavior consultation, parent education, staff and educator training, multi-disciplinary team facilitation, child, parent and educator advocacy, video modeling programs for reading, language and behavior, and tele-health services

Dr. Maria Wynne has been professionally working with families for the past 14 years. Dr. Wynne is an educator and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has had extensive experience consulting with parents and families, teachers, educational leaders and school administrators in both public and non-public programs for educating children and adults with special needs. She is well known for her creative approach to cross-disciplinary collaboration. Dr. Wynne's core philosophy is that a child is most fully served when parents and family members, SLPs, OTs, PTs, MDs, primary educators, behavioral specialists and caregivers work together and blend their approaches to the specific needs of a child. While Dr. Wynne has worked as a consultant in schools in New York, Georgia, California and the Pacific Northwest, her most recent focus has been in school districts and non-public programs in Los Angeles and Ventura counties as well as private consultation to families in California, Oregon and Washington. Dr. Wynne received her master’s degree in Special Education at Gonzaga University and her Ph.D. from the University of Georgia focusing on Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism, Learning and Cognition, and Educational Administration and Policy. She has a deep interest in early literacy and her dissertation contributed data to the Reading First Initiative for the No Child Left Behind Act. She has served as a member of the steering committee for Effective Behavioral and Instructional Supports with Georgia's state Department of Education and has taught courses and seminars throughout the country focusing on language development, early literacy, behavioral supports and research design. Before developing her private practice and pursuing research, the previous 7 years Dr. Wynne worked as a clinical manager for the non-public agency STAR of CA Behavioral and Psychological Services and she maintains a relationship with STAR as a consultant. Currently, Dr. Wynne resides in Portland, Oregon and she is consulting with families and educators while conducting research on the use of technology to teach language and social skills. Additionally, Dr. Wynne continues to study problems with learning and integrate her knowledge of the relationship between academic challenges and problem behavior.

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