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Contact me for: Treatment referral, placement and taking care of all our clients needs to get them in treatment with peace of mind. This included helping them board their dog, take medical leave off work and school, store their car, you name it we have done it all. Bleach Treatment uses statistical analysis, empirical research, and personal experience to place clients in the appropriate type of treatment. This ranges from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment, sober living and just sober coaching.

Margaux Machat is a phi theta kappa honors student, biochemistry and psychology major in Bridges to the Future, which is a MD/Ph.D. program that is funded by the National Institute of Health. She currently is in a fellowship with Dr. Carlos Gutierrez in his organic chemistry laboratory at Cal State Los Angeles. Margaux is currently work on developing a target specific analgesic with functional cargo that will make it less physiologically addicting. Margaux works to combine her mechanical understanding of addiction with her own personal experience to best suit her clients’ needs. Addiction has touched Meraux in many ways as she grew up in the entertainment industry and many of her friends and cohorts fell victim to addiction and eventually lost their lives. Meraux broke her back and developed Quad Equine Syndrome and she became dependent and then addicted to her medication. Many doctors told her that she would never have any quality of life and that she medically required strong narcotic painkillers and that was it. Meraux refused to accept this and after several successful surgeries she recovered. She enrolled back into school and divided into academics. This where she began to learn the laws of the universe such as thermodynamics that states that energy couldn’t be created or destroyed it just changes form. When Margaux learned this she learned that drugs have consequences and it is a universal law. She fell in love with science. She began to understand the abuse of psychotropic substances by definition cause entropy and entropy is the breaking down of a closed system. Entropy causes disease and cancer in the human body. Margaux has been in recovery for several years and she wants to pay it forward by providing a service she felt she really could have used when she was going to treatment centers. Every time she would enter a treatment center she would feel that everything was so chaotic and that there were many loose ends that were not dealt with. So she and her fiancé Johnny Aguilar came up with the idea to not only refer people to treatment but to help them manage everything they will need to have piece of mind once arriving at the treatment center. This includes everything from boarding the beloved pet, to subletting the apartment or just checking up on, to finding a spot for the car, and notifying work, friends, family and loved ones.

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