Lyn Kamer, C.E.S.M.T

  • Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist
  • The Healing Touch of New Jersey
  • Winslow township, NJ   

(609) 502-6723

Contact me for: Equine and canine massage, gait analysis, saddle fitting, aromatherapy, homeopathics, herbs, magnetic therapy, moxibustion, acupressure, reiki and therapeutic stretching and exercises.

I am a horseman of over 50 years experience. I am a long distance trail rider with over 6,000 mi. logged in both competitive trail and endurance riding. I am also a driver with over 1,000 mi. logged in competitive trail driving. I went to college at the University of Kentucky majoring in Pre-Vet Medicine but did not go on to vet school. What I do now is more satisfying to me; I can help horses be the best they can be without drugs. I share the farm with 3 ponies and 4 horses, two of which are senior citizens and have become special needs because their teeth are shot. I’ve become very good at keeping my now 30 yr old pony going. He’s gotten nothing but what he gets in his buckets of mush 3 times a day for 6 yrs now and looks wonderful. I love horses and try to do everything I can to keep them comfortable and happy.

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