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Dr. Luis Navarro, Director of The Vein Treatment Center in New York, NY, one of the most well-respected and established physicians in the country, has devoted his life's work to the treatment of venous disorders (varicose and spider veins). Formally schooled at the University of Barcelona, he came to New York in 1969 where he began his surgical training at Mount Sinai Hospital. His interest in phlebology flourished and by the late 1970's, while practicing as a general surgeon, he began to investigate and develop new approaches to treating varicose and spider veins. At the same time he became one of the first members of the American College of Phlebology, a society dedicated to the research and treatment of venous disorders.

In light of his new experience in venous disorders, Dr. Navarro founded the Vein Treatment Center in 1982, where he currently holds his practice. He developed a novel approach to treating varicose veins called Combined TherapiesÔ that merges minimally invasive techniques to achieve the maximum cosmetic results. In 1988, Bantam Books published his book, “No More Varicose Veins”. With the medical field moving towards more minimally invasive procedures performed in the office, he began to investigate laser therapies for treating varicose veins. In 1999 he and his colleagues developed, and were awarded a United States Patent for the Endovenous Laser Ablation technique, which became FDA approved in 2002. Now used worldwide, Endovenous Laser Ablation is the preferred method of treatment over traditional Ligation and Stripping, due to its minimally invasive characteristics. The procedure is performed in-office, using only local anesthesia and requiring only a tiny nick in the skin. Patients are up on their feet immediately following surgery with no downtime and little to no scarring.

Dr. Navarro, an innovator and a leader in the field of phlebology for 25 plus years, continues to utilize and advance his techniques at the Vein Treatment Center and has performed tens of thousands of medical procedures. Among the latest equipment and most advanced treatment methods he employs are sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, duplex sonogram-guided sclerotherapy, endovenous laser treatment (Endolaser), and mini phlebectomy, all performed in-house under local anesthesia.

Dr. Navarro's facility, the Vein Treatment Center, remains one of first and only facilities exclusively devoted to the treatment of venous disorders.

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