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Professor Lisa C. Smith is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and Brooklyn Law School. At Brooklyn Law School, she is Director of Externship Programs and has taught the Prosecutors Clinic, the Family Law Violence Project and Innovations in Criminal Justice. She currently teaches a Domestic Violence Prosecutors Clinic in which third year students prosecute misdemeanor domestic violence cases in the local criminal court under Professor Smith’s supervision.

Professor Smith was formerly the Executive Assistant District Attorney for Special Victims (Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence) in the Office of the Kings County District Attorney. Professor Smith is a former Co-Chairperson of the ABA Committee on Reentry & Collateral Consequences and the Academic Committee of the Criminal Justice Section. She has also been a member of the New York City Bar Association Committee on Domestic Violence and is an appointee to the New York State Violence against Women DCJS Task Force. Professor Smith was instrumental in the creation of the Family Justice Center in Brooklyn, NY and has worked on numerous innovative projects in the field of child abuse and domestic violence. Professor Smith has lectured extensively and appeared as a television commentator in the areas of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.

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