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Linda Amato is a New York City-based attorney. Her practice is exclusively devoted to estate planning and elder law. Before forming her practice, she worked with one Europe’s private banks. Linda has also practiced in the health care industry as a licensed clinical social worker for twenty years. Her combined experience in the legal, health care, and financial arenas give her a unique insight into estate planning.

Expert Articles by Linda Amato

Wills and Estates

A revocable living trust will protect your assets and avoid probate
Though setting up a living trust may seem complicated compared with a will, ultimately it may provide you and your loved ones with more options when it comes to planning for the future. Because estate...
Create a written will to protect loved ones and give you peace of mind
Writing a will is an emotionally fraught issue. For many people, making sure their relatives and loved ones are taken care in the event of their demise is essential. Though there are myriad issues and...

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