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Dr Leonaura Rhodes is a Health and Happiness Coach, Author, Physician, Neuroscience Expert, speaker and seminar leader. She uses powerful coaching techniques and medical knowledge to help individuals and families transform their lives with research based programs designed to improve health, happiness and success.
Bringing two decades of experience as a physician in the UK working with adults and children, in Public Health Medicine and as a Developmental Pediatrician. Leonaura now specializes in the neuroscience of positive health and family health and wellbeing, with a special interest in families with a child with special needs. She has extensive personal and professional experience of the special needs world. Her passion is for helping families reduce stress and create fabulous, balanced lives,
Leonaura also works as a Freelance Medical Writer combining her love of Medicine and passion for writing.
Originally from England, Leonaura lives in Connecticut with her husband and two sons. She loves dancing, kayaking and having adventures with her family!

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