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Contact me for: A social media strategy or social media coaching in LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. I'm also available as a Social Media Speaker and Social Media Consultant for groups. If you're a professional or entrepreneur looking to expand your online presence and build your personal brand, I'd love to help you!

Extensive experience in strategic marketing with over a decade working to promote small businesses, government agencies, non-profits and international corporations. I have created unique and successful marketing campaigns that increase sales and membership using surveys, social media strategies, industry trade shows, member newsletters, brand development and engaging advertising.

Now I'm showing women how they can use some of these same online tools and marketing strategies to create personal brands that make them indispensable, in demand, and in control of their careers. Through social media training and education, I'll show you how to create a stellar professional image online and offline. My purpose is to empower women to avoid being vulnerable to the corporate ladder and to succeed on their own terms.

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