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Larry Rothman is a Master Plumber who has been with Roto-Rooter Services Company for more than twenty years. He has extensive expertise in plumbing innovation and technology as well as both commercial and residential plumbing service.

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Home Improvement

Save money, live green with these eco-friendly bathroom upgrades
Regular maintenance of plumbing can save on costly repairs later

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Home Emergency, Preparedness, and Recovery

Protect your home from mold and prepare for flooding during a storm
Prevent and remove mold in your home with certified mold inspectors
Secure and protect your home and family from a home invasion
Expert advice on preparing your family for a natural disaster
Protect and seal your home from insects and pests for the winter
Protect and prevent your family and home from a fire
Protect your home and family from your Christmas tree catching fire
Avoid a house fire when cooking with a turkey fryer this Thanksgiving
Protect your home against bed bugs and what to do if you have them
Be prepared and safeguard your home and family from hurricanes
How to prepare and survive a hurricane or other natural disaster
A property management company can help you prepare for a hurricane
Homeowners: Stay on solid footing with earthquake preparedness
Hire the right property management company for your condo or HOA

Home Improvement

How to choose a contractor for your home
Expert advice on painting the exterior of your home
Save money, live green with these eco-friendly bathroom upgrades
Build a low maintenance and durable composite deck for your home
Regular maintenance of plumbing can save on costly repairs later
Expert advice on protecting your home from rats and rodents
Expert advice on preparing for a stress-free home renovation
Advice on hiring an interior designer that reflects your lifestyle
Reduce weeds on your property to help create a healthy lawn
Prepare your lawn for winter and prevent snow mold
Advice on budget friendly renovations to create a beautiful home
Eliminate the chance of mice and rodents entering your home
How to prevent and remove an ant infestation in your home
Prevent cockroach infestation and protect your family's health
Advice for growing and maintaining the perfect lawn
Improve your home's energy efficiency and save money
Advice for organizing your home, belongings and important documents
Advice on choosing the paint colors for the rooms in your home
Prevent and control ant infestations in and around your home
Warm weather brings termites - How to prevent and stop an infestation
How to detect and remove asbestos in your home or business
Spring cleaning reduces dust and allergens and improves your health
Growing a successful fruit garden requires planning and preparation
How to start your first vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables
DIY advice for decluttering and spring cleaning your home
Finishing a basement starts with preparation and careful planning
Choose the right location for a garden and plant seeds correctly
Creating your first garden will take work and constant attention
What you should check before hiring a painter for your home
Remodel your kitchen to be functional, efficient, and stylish
How to check references when hiring a contractor for your home
How to avoid home improvement and renovation scams
How to successfully plant and grow an organic vegetable garden
How to build a beautiful fire pit in your backyard for family fun
Advice for the amateur gardener on how to develop a green thumb
Advice for installing a home irrigation or sprinkler system
What to know before you hire a landscaper for your home

Renting Real Estate

Become a successful landlord
Guide to choosing a property manager for your rental property
Understand your legal obligations before signing a lease agreement
How to protect you and your rental property as a first-time landlord
Secure long-term tenants by making your rental property a home
Advice on finding and renting an apartment in New York City
Use Facebook to help you find the perfect rental property
Choose a property management firm to rent and manage your home
What to consider when renting your home or apartment in NYC
Landlord tips on screening, selecting and signing the right tenant

Buying Real Estate

Buying homes as short sales and foreclosures can be very rewarding
Guide to buying a co-op in NYC
How to find and buy a house on a river
How to find and buy a lake house
How to find and buy a mini or hobby farm
How to successfully buy multi-residential investment properties
Smart steps to successfully buy real estate in Baltimore, MD
The right way to buy a home
How to make the right offer on your dream home
Advice on buying land for investment, development or build a home
Advice on buying a fly-fishing ranch in the Rockies
Choose and buy a vacation home with confidence using a realtor
Expert advice for the first time homebuyer on buying the dream house
Hire a qualified home inspector to help reduce risk when buying a home
Buying a foreclosure can be a great investment if your informed
Expert advice on buying a condo as a good investment
Get the best deal by knowing what to offer when buying a home
Buying a home in a hot market and how to win a bidding war
How to build your dream home from the ground up
How to win over the co-op board when buying a home in NYC
Advice on buying a townhouse and real estate in NYC
Advice for first time home buyers on buying a co-op in NYC
What to consider when buying a home as a fixer-upper
What price you can expect to pay for a single family home in NYC
Advice for buying a home in NYC when you have a young family
Buy a home in downtown Manhattan to get access to the best views
You can buy a home in New York City with a $1 million budget
Investing in commercial real estate is a great opportunity for anyone
Use the internet and social media to help you find the perfect house
Buying a home in an HOA neighborhood can be a great move

Selling Real Estate

An investment in home staging helps sell your home faster
How to successfully prepare your home for sale for maximum return
Questions to ask in choosing your real estate agent
Focus on the outcome not the process of selling a home as a short sale
Survive selling a co-op in New York City
The keys to selling luxury real estate
What are the steps in a short sale?
Use video to sell or rent your home faster
A Seller's Guide to prepare your NYC home for a Fall listing
Sell your home faster
Smart advice on selling the family estate home
How to sell your home during the winter months
Sell your home in a buyer's market for the price you want
Advice on successfully selling your NYC co-op home
How to price and get the most money when selling your house
How to effectively sell your home in a competitive market

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